Little Family

Little Family

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh What Fun

This holiday season has been filled with fun activities and events. We were able to have lunch at Pei Wei (one of my favorites!) with my good friend, Kiley, her husband, Ryan, and their adorable baby, Hailey. It was good to see them. Kiley and I have been friends for years and we don't get to see each other very often. It's always nice to get together. We had lunch and then went to Dicks Sporting Goods and Kohls where we didn't buy a thing! Kiley let me carry her sweet baby around the stores though and that was a definite plus. We hope to get together with them again before they return home to Idaho.
That evening we went to Bull Run's festival of lights. We always see part of the display from 66 on our way in town for Christmas every year. This year we decided to check it out. Travis, brilliant as he is, found a coupon online before we went. Javi came with us, and I'm glad he did. He livens things up. The drive through light show was so-so. We are glad we went once but it likely won't be something we do every year. At the end of the show there was a mini-carnival. We didn't ride any rides 1- because we seemed way too big and 2- it cost about 5 bucks a person to ride the merry-go- round. HA!

We smelled funnel cakes and decided to come home and I'd make some. I found a recipe for funnel cakes and made them at home. They were just as good as carnival cakes and much cheaper.
We attended two birthdays last week. On Thursday a close family friend had her 2nd birthday. We had great fun, great food, and great company at her party. Friday was Kim's 13th birthday! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!) We went to Red Lobster and then had cake and ice cream at home. We always love spending time with our families.

Travis took my family an I on Post last week. It was very busy, everyone was getting ready for Christmas. My mom loved that the Commissary was so much cheaper for groceries so she loaded up. We had heard that Travis could get free tickets to the Military Bowl so we figured we'd get some. While he was at the office the woman working there offered him two free tickets to the Redskins game on Christmas Eve. She gave him three options: 1- two free lower level tickets, 2- two free upper level tickets and free parking, or 3- two free climate controlled suite tickets with a free buffet, free program and Redskins yearbook, a chance to get to meet some Redskins cheerleaders and the option to ride the metro in. What do you think he chose?? My brother, Javi, and his friend were fortunate and got tickets in a different section. The four of us rode the metro to FedEx field in the morning. We had a great time! The buffet offered salad, mashed potatoes, bar-b-que chicken strips, popcorn, cookies, chips, baked ziti, chili dogs, and gumbo. It was delicious and all you can eat! We felt pretty high class and enjoyed watching the game from great end-zone seats. There were flat screen TVs all around and leather couches. There were private bathrooms in each section of the suite (which was heated). Needless to say, we felt pretty ritzy.
 Travis wanted us to get there early, the workers were the only ones other than us there when we showed up!

 In the suite you only had to pay for the "specialty drinks" aka hot chocolate, apple cider, and beer.
 We had GREAT seats. It was open air so it was a little chilly but it was worth it.

That evening our families got together at the Muellers for dinner. We watched TV, talked and played some games. Travis and I stayed there Christmas Eve so we could be there first thing on Christmas morning.
 Sarah, Travis, and Kim waiting to open gifts
 Todd and Travis
 Our first Christmas!

Racing down the ski slopes on the girls' new Kinect game
Watch Sarah and Travis play Kinect. Travis can get some air!!

We had church at 1:00 on Christmas. It was a nice program and we are glad that we were able to go. We came to the Brionez household after to continue the festivities. 
 My mom got Travis a copy of a real photo taken during the Civil War taken right in his own neighborhood. For a history/ military buff that's pretty cool.
Both of our families were very generous with us and we agree that this is one of the best Christmases yet. 

This Wednesday we went to the Military Bowl at RFK, the game that Travis had originally gone on post to get tickets for. We feel very fortunate that we've been given so much this Christmas. Trav got 6 ticket vouchers. Travis's mom, Lori, took us to RFK stadium on Tuesday to redeem the vouchers. We also went to the Marine PX and to Kawata, a Japanese restaurant in Fairfax, for lunch. It was fun and delicious!
We decided to bring our siblings along to the game since we had gotten a lot of tickets. The guys put together a fun tailgate for us before the game. we had hot-dogs, half smokes, and lots of chips, doughnuts and soda.   It turned out that we had food left over and we tailgated after too! We all dressed warmly and enjoyed the game.  Air Force played Toledo and lost by a point. It was fun to watch; we sat amongst Air Force fans. The was a great sense of patriotism at the game and much of the game was spent honoring the military.
 Javi and Todd
 Kim, Travis, Sarah
 Me and Sarah
 Trav :) He lets me cut his hair now. I think I do a pretty good job.

The fun didn't stop after the post-game tailgate though either! We drove through DC and went to the Christmas tree in front of the White House. Travis and I had gone in years past but we agree it was pretty lame this year. The lights at the Temple are much more impressive. 

Seriously, they couldn't have gotten a better designer for that tree...?

We've been having a great time and are taking advantage of every minute we have free from school. We are loving the time with our families but miss the Spiveys this year. Things have been a lot quieter without you here. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and we wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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