Little Family

Little Family

Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's been a month!

Hello all (or any really)!
Yes, it's been a month since we posted and a lot has gone on.
Everything seems to be fine with our growing baby. We haven't heard, or felt rather, anything from him or her. Last week we had an appointment to check on the heartbeat. Everything seemed to be going well. I am still in the "chubby" looking stage and don't look pregnant. It's horrible. Clothes are not fitting well and I look like I've been a little to heavy on the doughnuts. I don't mind too much since I can still lay on my stomach and back to sleep, comfortably. Travis is being great through all of this. Almost daily he asks me how the little baby is doing. He is making plans for the baby too, like having him/her at his graduation next year, etc. We are very excited. The due date is still a ways away but we are looking forward to it. April 29th is the day of truth- we should be able to find out the gender at the appointment we have that day. We don't have a preference either way (boy or girl) just as long as he/she understands that in this family you are solidly one or the other :)

We did get a dog a couple weeks ago. His name is Ranger and he is now 11 weeks old. It's been a lot of work but he has grown on us. He likes to bite so we are working to thwart that habit quickly. Ranger also gets carsick we've found. I read online and realized that we aren't just destined to have a vomit prone dog, his inner ears are not fully developed meaning the balance function is also not fully developed. So, we've decided to lay off the car rides for a while to protect the sanity of all three of us. We have taken him to the park and the quad at JMU. He loves being outside and enjoys rubbing himself in the grass. He is a great companion. Travis is diligent in teaching him new tricks. Today they nearly mastered "sit" and got a leg up on "lay down." Ranger is responding well to his name and whistling. He has a lot of energy, which gets him into trouble sometimes, but all he wants to do is please us. Today, on the quad, we took his leash off of him and let him play. He was great! Ranger and Travis had a great game of fetch the shoe going on (nope, he doesn't go after balls or sticks, just shoes). We then walked around campus and Rangie, as I call him, trotted along beside us the whole way. He met some new people friends but would always come back to us if we whistled. I'm excited to see him grow. He is a good-hearted dog and hopefully we can enjoy many great years together. 
(After a day trip we took to SVU's graduation last weekend he was beat and slept the whole ride home.)

This week Trav finished his Junior year at JMU. He is taking classes in May and then has the Fall and Spring semesters left before graduating next year. He had a tough schedule this year but worked very hard in everything he did, especially ROTC. He is striving to get Active Duty at the completion of his Senior year when he commissions as a Second Lieutenant. We are looking forward to that day but are a little hesitant wondering where in the world we might be stationed.

We are still enjoying Harrisonburg, the scenery, and all it has to offer. Mostly we are taking advantage of all of our favorite restaurants :) We feel so fortunate to live in this day and time and so blessed to have each other. We are thankful for each one of our friends and family and hope the best for you all. Enjoy your week!!

-Anna and Travis

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