Little Family

Little Family

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Days 9-13

Day 9: Life would be un BEARable without you
 Day 10: We were MINT to be together. (Apparently Travis has never had Junior Mints before and isn't planning on starting now. They are still sitting on the counter... taunting me.)
Day 11: Doughnut you know I love you for infinity?? I didn't make a label for this one because... I figured he'd want to eat it as soon as I got home. I made him repeat the cute phrase I'd made up though just so he knew I'd thought of one. I rushed into Martin's in the morning (after working out so I was a sweaty mess dashing through the bakery. Counter intuitive I guess) to grab a fresh one. If you can't get out I think packaged doughnut holes would work. You could say "Doughnut you know I love you a Hole lot?" Or something equally cheesy.

Day 12: By this point I'd started losing steam. Again I didn't have a cute label so I slapped a sticky note on it that said "I love you more than Chocolate Milk." Because who doesn't love chocolate milk?

 Day 13: You make my heart bubble over. (A strange visual if you ask me. This is one idea I got online.)
 With tomorrow being Valentine's day I'm stressing. Holidays (even Hallmark ones) get me stressed. If I do something big and he does something small will he feel bad that he didn't do "enough" or if I do something small and he goes all out will he feel bad that I "didn't care as much."?? I know. Stupid. In the morning we are starting with a simple Valentine's breakfast. I'll just make pancakes in heart shapes and probably make it a feast with eggs and sausage. Men like that sort of thing. I'm considering making cake pops as his Valentine's treat. With 12 hours to go I've got a lot of thinking to do!


  1. Hi Anna,

    You are cute and schmoopy. :) I've enjoyed following your posts. I've been married a whole six years now and what we do is go to dinner at the same restaurant that we went to for our first Valentine's Day date when we were dating. (In our case, Clyde's at Tysons Corner.) This works GREAT because neither of us ever has to stress about what we're going to do for Valentine's Day. We already know: Clyde's!

    If there wasn't a place you went to when you were dating, you could go to the same place you went the first year you were married.

    I know you guys have moved farther away, but maybe you could do something like go to the same type of restaurant each Valentine's (like, if you had Mexican, find a nice Mexican place each year).

    We also do this for our anniversary -- we go to the same Indian restaurant we went to on our first date.

    It's so much easier than trying to come up with some more awesome than the previous year, and it gets more romantic over the years as you collect all the memories of the previous years.

    All the best,
    Lisa Anderson

    1. Lisa,
      Schmoopy- I like it, I think :) Thanks for following. Frankly, I wasn't too sure anyone other than my mom read my blog. And I doubt she keeps up regularly!
      That's a really good idea about going out to the same/ a similar place as our first. How bad is it that I can't remember what that might have been?! It's ok- I can make it up and if I sound confident enough Trav will believe me.