Little Family

Little Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

14 Days of Valentines

I got the idea to do 14 days of Valentines somewhere on Pinterest. I thought it would be cute, although a little cheesy, so for the first 14 days of February Travis will be getting a little treat. To ensure that the surprises aren't spoiled I'll be posting the treats a day or two behind when he actually gets them. Not like men read blogs anyway.

Hurry and maybe you can do the 10 days of Valentine's day!
Here's the link to where I got about 50% of the ideas and the labels:
She shows the things she gave each day and provides labels for those as well as blank ones. I admit I used a some of her ideas and for things like dried friut (no husband of mine will look twice at dried fruit) I thought up my own cutie gifts.
Bad thing is- we just decided to limit our caloric intake and be more serious about watching what we eat... that was after I bought these goodies. At least they won't be going to my waistline!

 Day 1: I think you are SODAmazing
 Day 2: I would be so mixed up without you

Day 3: I love Laying by you.
(Get it- two bags of Lays. No, not because we are extremely unhealthy but because they were buy-one-get-one-free at Food Lion. I thought it went well with the one-liner though)

Check back for the rest of the 11 days!

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