Little Family

Little Family

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

This year Valentine's Day was great for us. In the morning I woke Travis up to breakfast in bed of heart shaped pancakes, sausage, and strawberry milk. He didn't stay in bed to eat it though. The thought of syrup in the bed sheets didn't appeal to us:

In the afternoon, after picking him up, Travis said he had to run back to ROTC. Completely lame and I was internally a tad ticked since we had just come from all the way over there (40 min round trip). So I huffed an pufffed and told him to be back soon. Moments later I see him pull back in the parking lot with something cellophane in the driver's seat. He walks in with an amazing Edible Arrangement with chocolate dipped strawberries and a balloon and a teddy bear. AND he knows I love watching movies so he rented us a DVD from RedBox. What a guy- he fooled me!! I told him Bailee could hold onto my teddy bear and I'd take care of the fruit bouquet. Oh how I love fruit! 

For dinner we went to Taste of Thai- along with throngs of other couples from the valley. We saw the Dr. that birthed Bailee there... It was pretty crazy but we rarely go so we made the most of it. Next year hopefully we can find someone to stay home with Bailee for us.

When we got home I made Travis (and me) a Valentine treat. I bought a roll of that pre-made sugar cookie dough (it was on crazy sale) and put slices of it on the back side of a muffin tin so it would bake down over the sides. The first time I did it I put way too much cookie dough:

So I tried again with less but that made mini frisbees (not pictured) so I trimmed up the first into "cookie bowls" added a scoop of chocolate ice cream, some strawberries, and whipped cream. They were delish!

 All in all it was a great Valentine's day- our best yet. In honor of the day of love- we want to let you know we appreciate your friendship and wish you a very blessed life.

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