Little Family

Little Family

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fix 'em Ups

I like to always be improving things: life, the home, meals, relationships... If things are stagnant it just doesn't work for me. My husband occasionally calls this "hard to please" but I sincerely beg to differ. As long as I'm not spending too much we can agree we'll each call it whatever we want. With us moving in the next couple months I've been putting some thought into how I'll decorate our new place. (I know, essential.) I like the decorations I have just fine but... there I go again with wanting a little change. It's become almost a game with myself to see how nice I can make something using the least amount of money.

Exhibit A:
I saw this full length mirror outside a dumpster. It's supposed to be one of those mirrors that go on a stand... it didn't have the stand with it. I debated what I would do with it and eventually decided if I didn't end up wanting it I could throw it away and nothing would be lost. So, I shoved it in the car and got to work. I had to remove the screws and fill the holes where the stand would have been. It needed a good cleaning and sanding and some wood glue where it was breaking (right side).

 I covered the mirror with newspaper- this was the longest part- and got to spraying. (I borrowed your tarp Trav :) )

Apparently I didn't do as good of a job cleaning as I thought. Either there was something sticky on the mirror in a few places or I spray painted the coats without letting enough time in between for drying. Regardless, I had to sand and try again.

 Below is the finished product! I'm happy with it. For less than the cost of a can of spray paint we have a large, nice mirror. It's super heavy- that to me means quality wood. I'm going to put it up in our room on the wall horizontally. Yay!

Exhibit B:

I got a couple of frames from my Grandma. They're rather large and... old. I wanted a piece of my Grandma to be in my home though so although I didn't know quite what I would do with them (I have two) I've been holding onto them. (If you saw this on facebook already I'm sorry!)
Here's the first one- it's a gold and black-ish two toned antique-esque frame. Not exactly my style.
It's a pretty big frame. The size of the picture is 18x22. I'd seen online that Staples does engineer prints for cheap! This one cost less than $2! I was worried about the quality since it's printed on regular paper but it turned out just fine! I love that I can remember this frame being in my grandma's house but have now made it my own.

I'm working on a few more things so stay tuned!

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