Little Family

Little Family

Friday, May 17, 2013

My First Mother's Day

Apparently when you're pregnant it doesn't count for Mother's day. So, this was the REAL first year. Bailee* was so sweet to me this Mother's day. (*Travis) She had ordered me a large, delicious cookie basket. It was even here before Mother's day- what a guy!! In our house we love to make snickerdoodle bars. They are delicious. More than once I've made a whole tray just 'cuz... for us. (Now I'm seeing more clearly why this baby fat isn't going away as easily as I'd hoped.) So, Travis found a company that sold a variety of cookies which included snickerdoodles. So yum! As corny as it sounds the greatest gift I could have gotten is that of my daughter. Being her mom has brought me the greatest joy and fulfillment.  I hope that we can raise her with as much love and direction as my mom raised me.

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