Little Family

Little Family

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st

Today is one of those big but still little days for us.
9 years ago today Travis asked me to be his girlfriend. I know, cheesy that I even remember the date enough to write on our blog about it. It's not so much that I need to celebrate the anniversary it's that today is a symbol of a lot of progress. We were totally different people 9 years ago. We went through a lot of changes during that time and thankfully grew close enough together to be married. August 21st is a little day that means a lot. Without him first "asking me out" I truly don't know what I'd be up to today. Because of that evening I have experienced much more joy and true happiness than I ever thought possible.

Also, today is Bailee's 10 month birthday!! I am shocked how quickly time is passing. Last night Travis brought up a few videos on his phone of her in months prior and I started tearing up. I barely remember her being so tiny. I feel extremely blessed to get to spend my days with her and to watch her grow. She tries my patience each and every day and in a weird way I am thankful. She is molding me into the mother she needs me to be.
Bailee LOVES to move. She still loves her jumpy chair, and her "runabout" seat. She is a super fast crawler and pulls herself up so easily. She's learned to lean into things like drawers and baskets and pull out, one at a time, whatever is in there (laundry, books) and throw it behind her. She and Travis have a special thing going where one of them starts going "Ehh" and the other repeats it back "Ehh" and they kind of get louder and louder. The other day I asked her where was Dada (eventhough he was at work) she started looking around and tried calling out to him with their special call. It was cute. Then I felt bad that I had tricked her. Bailee LOVES my mom. She's friendly with everyone (my dad, her other grandparents, Travis' siblings) but she gets so excited to see my mom. She will even try to get out of my arms to go to my mom. I think it's because my mom spoils her. When my mom is with Bailee, Bailee is her ONE priority. Little B likes to pull hair. She thinks it's great fun. She does it to me, my dad, anyone really. She's got 6 teeth- 4 up top and 4 on the bottom. We are switching her over to size 12 month clothes and size 4 shoes. It's always so sad to package up her too small clothes. More on BB- she LOVES dogs and cats. Mostly cats (ick). Whenever one walks in the room she gets all jumpy and squeals. She is the most smiley cuddly baby ever. We are still having trouble getting her to sleep through the night on her own but we're making do. I'm trying to live each day with the knowledge that once it's gone it isn't coming back. Growing up is such a bitter sweet thing.

Happy 10 Month Birthday Bailee!!

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