Little Family

Little Family

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Travis!

I love that the end of the holiday season is capped with Travis's birthday. He planned ahead and saved one of his holiday days from work so he could share his birthday with us at home. It was a fantastic day! We woke up and Bailee and I served him breakfast in bed. She's developing and growing so much we have such a great time doing things like that. She can understand many words eventhough her vocabulary is limited. I love that I can hand her something and direct her to "take it to daddy" and she'll toddle to him from wherever she was. The same was true for the morning of the 3rd. She helped me bring in the sausage, strawberries and crepes for Trav. Then, she helped him eat!

We started off the morning bundling up and heading out to play in the newly fallen snow. Bailee had no idea what to think of it as she is too young to remember the snow from last year. She looked adorable in her snow suit and was such a great sport. Travis and Ranger had a ball. They ran around and Range could not get enough of the snow.

Travis and I spent the day doing things we haven't been able to since Bailee was born. We don't get out without her very often so this day was long anticipated! We left her at home (supervised of course!) so we could enjoy each others company. It's nice to do that without having to worry about bringing sippy cups or little snacks.
We started with lunch at Jackson's. It's a Great American restaurant in Reston that Travis had been eying. We enjoyed a delicious meal and although stuffed we walked down the street to a little cupcake shop to share a Red Velvet cupcake.Delicious. We have a thing for cream cheese icing.

Did I mention it was absolutely frigid??
 We went to the movies and watched Saving Mr. Banks- a movie about the making of Marry Poppins. I had no idea there was a "true" element behind the story. It was interesting. And, for days now we've been singing about the benefits of taking your medicine with a spoonful of sugar!!

 I made an Oreo cream cake for Trav and we enjoyed that with his mom and sisters while spending time together. I think I enjoyed the day just as much if not more than Travis!

We are so fortunate to have him. He's a devoted husband and a very involved father. He's what they call a family man in every way. I sure do love him!!

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