Little Family

Little Family

Monday, January 9, 2012


Travis had his birthday on January 3rd! We slept in and then he opened his presents from me. (I was going to make him breakfast in bed but 1. I was too tired to get out of bed so that 2. by the time we got up it was nearly lunch time.) It's so hard to shop for someone who has a birthday so close to Christmas. Santa treated him very well this year, mind you. I gave him season 2 of Modern Family, an electric shaver, and one of those little touch-up shavers for between haircuts. He LOVES Modern Family and since he has Army/ ROTC responsibilities often he is always having to shave. The mini-shaver was pretty much for me since I'm the one that cuts his hair anyway.
For lunch Trav wanted steak, suprise! So we went to Ozzies, a Great American Restaurant in Fairfax. On our way there it snowed hard for less than 10 minutes then all was clear. It was weird.

My friend from SVU, Alyssa, was flying in and didn't have a ride back to school for hours after her flight came in so Travis graciously shared some of his birthday to pick her up from the airport. Alyssa hung out with us for a while; we went to Tyson's and then we headed to his parents' house for dinner. Travis's mom, Lori, made a ton of Hawaiian food- it was delicious!
The cake, chocolate raspberry was delicious too! We had a good time being together with our family and the Sabolskys (it was Brother Sabolsky's birthday too) and celebrating the most wonderful man I know. Here are some things you might not know about Travis:
He is incredibly funny!
He is very ticklish.
He makes random faces/ noises when we're home alone.
He doesn't study or read for classes. He is naturally gifted.
He can fall asleep in .05 seconds and start snoring in about 1.5.
He NEVER gets mad at me.
He is VERY opinionated when it comes to politics, football, American pride, Hawaiian pride, team pride, how steaks should be done.... 
He's self conscious about his muscles- crazy right?!
He lets me tweeze his eyebrows.
He thinks I'm a good cook.
He's very strong in the gospel.
I'm so blessed to be married to such a patient, kind and loving husband. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAV!

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