Little Family

Little Family

Thursday, March 22, 2012

An addition to our blog!

We are so excited to announce that we are having a baby! We are about 10 weeks along and the baby is due on October 18. This ultrasound is from a couple weeks ago. (I'm sorry it's sideways, when I uploaded it it was the right way.)The baby has grown a lot since then I'm sure. In this ultrasound the little squirt is upside down. (Well it's head is to the left.) You can see the little nubs for legs. We were able to hear the heartbeat which was amazing! The tech showed us the baby's spine and where the brain was growing.  We won't know the gender for a while but we do know right now the baby is about 2 inches long. We are thrilled and can't wait for our little one to join us! Watch for updates and pictures as time passes.

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  1. Congratulations Anna and Travis! Fun to find your blog (through Facebook). I used to blog a lot, but not anymore, sadly. Keep doing it while you can! Your wedding pictures are so gorgeous. You two are such a cute couple. Happy that I'll get to know you better as we work in YW together!