Little Family

Little Family

Friday, February 24, 2012

Never can say goodbye

My Grandmother passed away earlier this month. My parents opened their home to her this Summer since she was battling a heart condition and dementia and could no longer live alone. It was great to be able to go up and visit so often, usually we would only see her twice a year when we would make the day-long treks to Florida and stay for the Summer or Christmas. I have many great memories of my Grandma and of the times spent at her house. She was a great woman, a friend to all and she is already sorely missed. My mom had a service in Northern Virginia at our church for her. Many friends came to show their respect and support our family. My brothers, parents and I were each able to pay tribute to Grandma by sharing a few words. It was a very nice service and I think we really captured my Grandma's life by the pictures my mom had displayed and the stories we told. There was also a funeral in Florida the following Monday. The funeral home was nice and the place where Grandma is laid to rest seems like just the quiet, peaceful place she would have liked.
Loss is such a hard concept for those who remain. We know Grandma isn't "gone" but has relocated for the time being. I know Grandma and all of our family will be together again after our time on this earth is through. But, until we meet again, we all will keep a memory of your life in our hearts. Love you, Grandma.

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