Little Family

Little Family

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer so Far

I'm pretty bad at updating this thing aren't I? Things have been busy busy lately. Travis finished his Summer term at JMU and did very well. Ranger is becoming a little less rowdy and I'm just working. We are 25 weeks along in this pregnancy which means 15 weeks left! It's crazy!!! Both of our moms have been very generous with us in helping us get ready to welcome our little girl into this world and our home. My sister and her family were able to come for a visit this Summer and we were able to spend a lot of time together. Here are some pictures to browse:

We spend a few hours at the National Zoo. It was HOT but fun. Afterword we hit up Fuddruckers for some great burgers and fries. 

My mom, sister Lindsay, and I took a day trip to NYC. We had wanted to go last Christmas but a snow storm thwarted our plans. It was a fun-filled and tiring day!
 At Macys! I didn't buy a thing!
 Of course we had to have some NY pizza.
 Lindsay and I had wanted to see "Newsies" but it was sold out. We enjoyed "Rent" instead. Until the girl next to me got too into it and cried for the whole second half...
 I have always wanted to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. It was nice and our driver was a great guide.
 We had to stop into FAO Schwarz. We didn't see the huge floor piano that's in "Big"
We went to Katz's Deli. It has been on Man vs. Food and I went there on our last NY trip. Lindsay and Mom didn't care for it much.
 Travis and I got to keep Nathan for a few days while his parents and siblings went to Disney World:
We enjoyed relaxing by the pool
 Nathan is such a happy guy. He was content to just hang out with us. It took him a while to get used to Travis but soon they were close buds.
 Travis and I moved apartments. The day before we moved my mom and niece and nephew came down to hang out and help pack. We took advantage of our new complex's pool.

 Josh giving Travis his Fathers' day present
 After a long day of moving we could sit down for a bit. Here's Nathan and Lindsay chilling.
 We weren't allowed to grill at our old apartment so we'd had this grill in "storage" at my parents' house since it was given to us. On Fathers' day Travis grilled some great burgers!
We have really enjoyed our Summer this far. This year will bring a lot of excitement for us. Any time we are expecting a dull moment something fun pops up to fill the time.
Right now Travis is preparing to become an Army Officer and is at LDAC. I appreciate his willingness to serve his country but mostly his unselfishness in wanting to provide a good life for his family. We can hardly wait for him to be home. Then, as he said, we can "hit hard on the baby preparations." I'm not too sure what it means but I'm excited!

Thanks for checking in!


  1. I love these pics and the update! I will need to get your NYC advice when we go in the fall.

  2. I'm jealous you got to ride the carriage thing in central park! Ryan and I wanted to over christmas, but we ran out of time! we'll have to go back another time!