Little Family

Little Family

Sunday, August 19, 2012

So Far In August

Life is busy as usual. We are 8 weeks from welcoming our baby girl into the world and can hardly believe it's so close! We're organizing clothes and baby items; all we need is the baby! Ranger is taking up a lot of our energy until she comes. As he gets older he gets sweeter. He and Travis like to play rough and tumble together and sometimes I can get him to cuddle with me.
My office was kind enough to throw me and one of my co-workers a combined baby shower. We got together at the home of our Office Manager and she had a great spread of food for us. It was nice to be able to socialize outside of work. And, even more nice was that my mom came down to surprise me! When I walked out of work Mom was waiting in the parking lot to drive me over to the baby shower. It was nice to have her there and my work friends enjoyed meeting her. I feel so appreciative to all who have given us gifts and supported us in preparation for this baby. People have been very generous with us and we are so thankful.
Last weekend Travis and I took our annual trip to VA Beach. We get free tickets to one of the Anheuser Busch parks since Trav is in the military so we've decided to make a yearly vacation out of it. This Summer I wouldn't have been able to ride any rollercoasters at Busch Gardens so we went to Water Country USA. They were calling for storms but luckily it turned out to be a nice day. And even more fortunately this meant that hardly anyone was at the park. The lines were super short and we had a great time! During the trip we also went to the Navy PX, watched Romney announce that Ryan would be his VP eventhough we could nearly see the event from our hotel, ate out a lot, went to VA Beach and spend hours at the outlets. We love spending time together and making memories.
 We love overpriced snacks
 Norfolk Harbor
 Virginia Beach

This Saturday Drs. McIntyre and Whiting hosted a 5K to raise money for supplies for Dentistry from the Heart, a day of free dental care our office is hosting, in September. A lot of effort was put into the 5K and we had a great turnout! The community really supported us and we were able to put on a well-run event. What's best is that as a result, we will be able to help as many people as we can by offering them free dental care that they otherwise couldn't afford. Travis participated in the run as well. There were lots of prizes, snacks, smoothies and a guest apperance by Timmy the Tooth.


  1. Glad you guys had so much fun in va beach! Wish we could have been there! Also, can't wait for your baby shower up here!

  2. haha you are sooo cute Anna! I love all of your posts! if only i was as good as you about posting! Love all the pictures and updates on the babY! I love you sooo much and i cant wait to see Ms. Baby Mueller!