Little Family

Little Family

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our little boy

I doubt that Ranger knows that he is a dog. He acts like he is a little boy! It's sometimes hard since it takes a lot of energy to follow him around like a toddler but with each day that passes we love him more and more. It was hard there for a while in the beginning but he is truly part of our family. He is fairly obedient and easily trained. Mostly, he really just wants to please us. He is so loving and it helps that he is so cute :-) We feel bad for him since he doesn't have any animal friends but I'm not sure if he has noticed. His biggest fault is that he sheds but with the new vacuum that we just got it is hardly even a problem anymore. We will just have to wait and see how he reacts to not being the center of attention after the baby comes. Last night he was being so cuddly. He laid across my lap and I held him like a baby for almost an entire movie. I had to say his name a few times when the movie ended to wake him up. He doesn't quite understand that you can't walk on top of people but once he is cuddling he is good for a few minutes. Sometimes I think his desire to be so close comes from him being taken from his mom so young.

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