Little Family

Little Family

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gettin' my crafting on

I'm really not naturally crafty. I don't have that "eye" to see what things are and envision what they "could" be with a little work. But, I'm trying to improve. Thanks to Pinterest I've gotten a few ideas and am starting to come around. I also don't have much of a "craft stash" so every time I want to make something I have to go to the store and get all the supplies. That in and of itself is enough to unmotivate me from crafting. That being said, I've been working on a few little "improvements" here and there- mostly for Bailee.

I put together (with help) two shadow boxes. The one on the left holds things from our wedding. The invitation, an engagement picture, the sparkling cider "outfits", my white hair flower, our cake topper and some of the dried rose petals that were on our bed when we got to the hotel on our wedding night. On the right are things from Bailee's birth: her birth announcement, her footprints and namecard, her first onsie and hat. I like that I can look at these often instead of keeping the stuff in a box somewhere.

This is Bailee's dresser. I re-painted the mirror. It was an old, gold colored mirror that hung in my Grandma's house. It was going to be given to Goodwill so I snagged it. I'm glad I did- every girl needs a princess mirror!  (Yes, our infant daughter has an iPod dock...)

Here's a close-up of the lamp. I got it from a woman who was just giving it away. It was a plain white shade and red base that I fixed up. 

I'm really getting into making hair pieces for Bailee. I made a couple that you see below. I have a bunch of supplies spread out on my kitchen table where I'm in progress on a few more. Her hair is almost long enough to be able to put a clip in. Right now we are still using headbands. I made these clip frames in about 5 minutes. They hang right outside her closet. It's way better than a basket of bows!

I had this clock that I used to hang in our kitchen. When we moved there just wasn't space for it in our new kitchen so I kept it in the closet. It had plain black numbers but I spruced it up to put in Bailee's room. I just opened it up, covered the numbers and accents with glue and sprinkled it with pink glitter. Now it's much more suitable for a little girl's room!

I do have to say that while I'm here crafting and cooking (and constantly cleaning) my husband is doing the real grunt work. I feel blessed to be able to rely on him to take care of us financially. He's up before 5 and rarely gets to bed before 11; he doesn't stop to rest any time in between. But, although I think my tasks are menial at most he is great at picking me up and making me feel that what I do is essential for our home.

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