Little Family

Little Family

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving Day

Well, we've moved from Harrisonburg. The day we've dreaded came and went without a hitch. Packing up the house was a bigger task than I expected but we are so fortunate to have amazing friends and family. My friend, Abby, helped me pack the entire kitchen in a matter of hours. My friend, Jenny, took Bailee for a day so we could pack and the next day my mom and dad came down to offer their help. Travis's brother, Todd, and Rey were the workhorses behind our move. There is no way we could have gotten the big items down the stairs without them. Then, some guys from church came by to help out too. We feel so blessed to have lived in the valley. We loved it there and we loved the people we met. We truly will miss the beautiful views and the friends we've made. Hopefully life will bring us to the mountains again someday!

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