Little Family

Little Family

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nats Game

Ever since the Nats came to D.C. Travis and I have been talking about going to a game. It took my sister, Lindsay, coming to town to finally convince us to do it. Despite the extreme heat and the sun beating in our face we had a great time. We rode the metro in (learned that probably wasn't necessary if we go again in the future) and enjoyed the ballpark food. You would think it was laced with gold for what they charge! I realized I really don't "get" baseball but we had fun nonetheless. My nephew, Josh, was the lone kid that came as my mom was kind enough to keep 3 of her 4 grandkids at home with her. It was a fun night. And even better, all the kids were asleep when we got home!

 Yep, my sister is pretty petite. 

Kris, Lindsay and Josh!

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