Little Family

Little Family

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We are who we are

The things we do as parents for our kids! I only have one child and without a doubt I have a lot of learning to do, that’s to be expected. Each day that passes we find we are faced with more questions and scenarios that need our attention. What I didn’t expect was all the judgment I’d receive from others here and there in regards to our family, our values, and the everyday things we do.
To begin, I’ve had people comment on how we’re raising Bailee. That’s right: I’m judged because I don’t take her around people who are sick. I’m judged because when I thought something was wrong I took her to the doctor (heaven forbid I take my own kid to the doctor and pay a copay- GASP!). I’m judged because I don’t let my 13 month old (yes, she will be 13 months old tomorrow) watch TV for hours on end as entertainment.  I’m judged because we are trying to feed her healthy foods. I’m judged because she has a bedtime. I’m judged because we have decided that we don’t want her exposed to environments that will harm her developing mind (ie: swearing and yelling). Get this, we are judged because at an early age we are trying to instill in her values that are important to us including modesty and reverence (at church).
I truly could go on and on. I’m judged as a woman, as a mother, collectively my family is judged. It’s human nature to look at another and instantly label them something. I know I do it. So, how can I “get over” these judgments? I’m finding that the stronger our marriage is the less I care about outside source’s input. There will always be someone who finds fault with what we’re doing. I’m realizing that as long as Travis and I are doing what we both feel is right and correct, in conjunction with the teachings of the Gospel, we can turn the other cheek (face cheek of course!) at whatever is said in passing to us.
And my oh my, we have a daughter who enjoys healthy eating, who easily goes to bed at her bedtime, who was not sick even ONCE in her first 12 months of life (not even as much as a sniffle). Without a doubt we are working so she will know of God’s love for her. She will learn of our testimony of the Gospel and we will hope to instill in her the importance of keeping ALL of God’s commandments- not just the ones that seem convenient at the time. She’s going to grow up and have to deal with judgmental influences throughout her life. She’ll have friends and family who don’t have the same standards as she does. My hope is that we provide her with a family unit that she can turn to, parents that she can talk to and trust and she too might be able to turn the other cheek.

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